Vertices Engine Optimizations – Camera Frustum Culling

If a tree falls in the woods, but there’s no Camera Frustums around to see it, does it still get rendered?
Check out through the link how we implement Camera Frustum Culling to optimise 3D scenes within the #VerticesEngine.


As Metric has progressed, I started running into frame rate drops while debugging. Naturally the game is going to run slower when Visual Studio is debugging it and it’s not a problem when the game is running as a Release. But it showed that our Vertices Engine needed some of those long planned optimizations added in.

One among them was Camera Frustum culling, or essentially, only draw what the Camera sees. The GPU already performs Triangular Culling, cutting out any tri’s that aren’t on the screen, but there are large improvements if only 25% of data needs to be sent to the GPU in the first place each frame.

I looked at the implementation that was talked about over here and it was a good starting point, but decided there were some improvements I could make.

We need Boundaries

First thing to do is to find the bounds of each…

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