New Mod SDK, New Items, and New Steam Winter Sale!

We’ve released a new Mod SDK, new Items, a revamped UI and to celebrate the holidays, Chaotic Workshop is on Sale on Steam! Read below for more information!


After a lot of work, we’re proud to announce Mod Support for The Chaotic Workshop! Create your own items and levels and pack them as a plugin dll file! Download our Visual Studio Sample and SDK from Github here and get started!!!


The Chaotic Workshop is On Sale now for the Steam Winter Sale! Pick it up 33% off today and test out the new entities and Mod SDK Today!


We’ve added a number of new items for the sandbox such as:

  • Anti-Grav Field
  • Cupcake Cannon
  • RC Car
  • Grenades
  • Propane Tank
  • And much more…!

Version 1.3 Update Change Log

We’ve pushed a number of other fixes in this Update, most notable below:

  • Added Mod SDK
  • New Entities
    • Anti-Grav Field
    • Cupcake Cannon
    • Diet Cola and Breathmint
    • Grenades
    • Mini-Rockets
    • RC Car
    • Propane Tank
    • Gears
    • Super Magnet
    • Winch
    • Extendo Punch
    • Timed Release Joint
    • Led Steel Ball
  • Revamped UI
  • Changed Stars to Bolts

You can find a full change log breakdown on our blog here. Follow us on any and all of our social accounts below to stay in the loop with all our upcoming work!

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